• Established in 2010 and later Registered as Courier Booking in 2012.
  • Leading and the largest network courier service provider in India covering self-network of more than 190 service stations around India,
  • Strong ad well set-up delivery structure in Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Punjab having more than 240 routes and 67 dedicated full-time delivery staff base.
  • The Company is under advanced and scientific management by a group of professionals who have over a decade of experience in their relative field.
  • Restructured management by means of using world-class technology and hiring quality manpower.
  • Fresh team and technology to address your specialized, personalized requirements.
  • More than two-decade-long experience.
  • Aware of the type and sensitivity consignment; the process of delivery; standard POD requirements and delivery time schedule structure.
  • Do have the required infrastructure, manpower, expertise, and technology to do such activities smoothly.

Composition and the Constitution of the Company

Courier Booking is incorporated as a private limited company with the office of company registrar under the company act, 1996 of India. It is incorporated in 1997. The company has substantially grown all these years. The company is paying taxes and levies regularly. We have also enclosed certificates for your review. The company is complying with all legal requirements necessary to properly and smoothly running and operating of courier services in India.

Organizational Structure

We are a professionally managed company with an established organizational structure. The supreme body of this company is the Board of Directors, which is responsible for the overall operation, and management of the company. Mr. Vinay Sharma is the sole shareholder and Executive Chairman/ Managing Director of this company.

Functional Department

The company has grown bigger so that function of the company is divided into several departments and each department has been headed by the departmental head.


To meet needs and to make sure that we add value to the business/service of our customers through quality service with a wide range of innovative network offerings. Further, to be recognized by customers as the first and most reliable and flexible in the market by delivering cost-effective and quality service utilizing decade-long expertise with the latest technological advancements.


To satisfy & exceed the expectation of our clients by providing complete competitive and customized logistics, express and informative solutions under flexible and cost-effective processes with the latest technological aids which adds value. To protect revenue and optimize resources at every step of the value addition chain and be financially sounder with time. To train and retain quality employees who are the real asset to the organization.

Quality Policy

At Courier Booking, we are committed to:
  • Delighting our internal and external customers and business associates through high-quality service
  • Continuous improvements in products, processes, services, and quality management systems
  • Creating an environment for nurturing satisfied, motivated, and committed employees

IT Capacity

We have a fully equipped and installed software system in each and every department, i.e. Administration, Pickup, Delivery, Dispatch, Marketing, Customer Care, Finance and Branch Control, for the day to day business. We are equipped with the latest configuration systems in various departments of Head Office connected with our high capacity server through an internal LAN network. We have changed to the freshly designed customized system which is intended to address trends of the coming era in the domestic/ international courier industry. We are the First and Only Courier Company in India to provide an online Tracking System to our valued customers to track the status of their consignment within India and Abroad. We are committed to supporting our customers with the latest technological aids. We have our own company website We are equipped with good computer networking, several hunting lines, and good internet & e-mail connection. We are equipped with 24 hours 1 GBPS dedicated internet service.