Whatever your shipment is Envelope or heavyweight we provide you total international transportation service. We help our clients to become more profitable by providing them each and every freight requirement in a single office with costs effective price. Our aim is to develop and maintain a loyal and trustworthy relationship with each customer. We believe, ‘‘ in the success of our customer ‘‘is the success for us”. We serve both individual and commercial customers' dynamic needs offering a wide range of International transportation options that suit your budget & deadlines for your specific requirements.




Using a courier for your deliveries shows your customer you are serious about their business. It boldly demonstrates that you will deliver your goods or documents in the most professional and speediest manner possible, hence Courier Booking provides express courier service to the globe in the quickest and fastest routes. We provide you with branded service at an economic price.

To meet the demands of our clients we find creative solutions to every problem. We believe in flexibility on everything but the deadline. Utilizing every aspect of current global  Courier networks we negotiate the quickest and safest routes. Even if you are looking for DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT service no matter Courier Booking will get it done at a very competitive price.


Service and the control of your goods on a door-to-door basis is an integral part of working with Courier Booking. We are the best way for heavy cargo and export cargo customer to handle all necessary tasks from pick/up, packing, documentation, customs clearance & transportation from shipper door to consignee door with safe, on time, affordable, and guaranteed delivery, also we assure you to keeps always one day faster which helps you to promote your business.


Our dedicated Air freight professionals offer specialist expertise in the complete range of import and export, direct and consolidated Air services Shipments. In an increasingly competitive world, We deliver highly efficient "end to end" Air services to our clients, which minimize cost whilst maintaining high levels of quality personal service.

Both regular consolidated and direct airline services are available to all points anywhere at any time at competitive rate levels.  Through our global network, we can provide a competitive range of airfreight services depending on the type of goods and the urgency of your needs. We transport your air shipment with any of the world's major airlines from India offering a wide range of options to suit your budget and deadlines and committed to providing you truly integrated air service.


Our dedicated Sea freight professionals offer specialist expertise in the complete range of import and export,  sea services for LCL and FCL shipments to any location in the world. Sea cargo can be shipped as FCL - full container loads of either 20’ or 40’ in length, as LCL - less than container load consolidated with other freight for cost-effectiveness, bulk commodity shipping or breakbulk services, and shipping for awkward or irregular sized cargo. our sea freight team has the knowledge to satisfy your exact needs. We offer no fuss/no hassle logistics management to ensure your products and move in the best time and cost-effective manner.


We offer you our best possible solution for project cargo providing a quick and efficient route and service, to ensure your project cargo arrives at their destination at the best time and at the most competitive cost. Courier Booking proof you that we are able and the best way to provide this specialized freight service to expedite international movements of project cargo. We pride ourselves in discussing and understanding your needs for these specialized projects.


Courier Booking offered all types of services including free-of-cost cargo packaging services, we can arrange pick-up from any corner of the city. In your one phone call, by email or fax. Our team provides you with the most efficient and flexible manner to enhance forwarding solutions.


Timeliness is an important aspect of exhibitions and trade shows. These are carefully planned and the best possible routing is obtained to ensure deadlines are met and delivery of shipment at the destination is affected. So it is very good news for all International trade criticizers that Courier Booking only can give you the delivery possibility in a cost-effective manner and take care of your shipments and assure you to keep always on day faster which helps you to promote your business globally.


We have different packing materials and idea to pack Nepalese handicraft goods, Woolen items, Felt Items, Tibetian Thanka, Nepalese paper goods, Carpets, Metal Items, jewelry, Ceramics Items, Glass items, Wooden Products, Garments, Machinery items, Machinery Parts, Electronic items, Motorbike and any of the forwarding items. All the forwarding items are packed in various boxes (Carton Box, Wooden Box, according to items requirement) of various sizes in consideration of weight and Volume. We insert the goods with basic packing in the packing box considering the weight and volume and give the safest delivery from origin to destination.


Our qualified and professional staff will take care of all your company's customs clearance requirements with the minimum of fuss, ensuring you pay the minimum legal duty. We have custom clearance facilities in origin and in destination both and ensures full compliance with all customs laws and regulatory necessities by our experience clearing team.


Safety and convenience are two main assets at our warehousing and distribution facilities Courier Booking can conveniently facilitate your storage and distribution needs. We have our own warehouse facilities located in the city of Kathmandu and these facilities provide container storage, unpacking & distribution to cater to all your logistics needs.


Completing the correct documentation to accompany your shipments is essential and we are able to advise you on and raise the required documentation. This is an area in which we are well experienced. Sending just cargo is not a big deal offering you a hassle-free service is main important so our documentation never hassle you in a destination and also help to release cargo from customs with minimum duty and taxes.


This service is for that customer who does not pay in origin and wants to pay in a destination. We can move the freight on a collect basis and release the shipment once payment is obtained at the destination.

Our Global connection with reputable freight agents throughout the world network with us can facilitate collect shipments arrangements for import and export even the consignment is a small package or heavyweight.


Courier Booking makes the difference in handling your freight needs all over the world - we are flexible in managing special deliveries and time-critical freight in a complete end-to-end service. From Envelope to heavyweight shipment every consignment is handled by Courier Booking in the safest and fastest way.


Courier Booking has a Global network that can Import your shipment from all over the world in a very economic and hassle-free way. We will take care of all your company's customs clearance requirements in importing the shipment. If your inbound shipments are taking too long to process or deliver, just instruct your suppliers to consign them to Courier Booking and Export Service P Ltd. We will make sure your cargo is cleared and delivered to you on time. Your just one confirmation makes us import from any of the worlds.


Cargo Insurance is an important facet of International Trade and very few Exporters or Importers can afford to risk the financial impact of an uninsured shipment. Full outbound and inbound insurance cover are offered at competitive premiums and the coverage includes all risk.

Courier Booking also offers a wide range of Insurance cover for all your Airfreight and Sea Freight Consignments. As we all know too well that accidents sometimes do happen you can never play it too safe with your precious cargo.

For the most competitive cargo Insurance premiums and rates give Courier Booking a call and place your mind at ease.


To provide you a proof of delivery (POD) of your shipments our staff carefully supervises each shipment from point of origin to destination and can detail the status of each inquiry. Our P.O.D allows clients to be kept fully informed on the whereabouts of their cargo. POD will provide you with our tracking system, email, fax, or telephone.