Courier Charges From Delhi to Canada

Courier Chargers from Delhi to Canada - With a vast network of skilled professionals and delivery partners, Courier Booking provides international courier services from New Delhi to Canada. Accordingly, Main cities in Canada such as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Ottawa avail shipment services under Usually, all destinations are discoverable. Courier Charges Delhi to Canada by measuring the capacity and size of the product are accessed.

However, You can deliver numerous items such as food products, electronics, excess baggage, documents, clothes, and more from any part of India. The delivery partners of courier booking will assist you in affordable delivery. Courier from Delhi to Canada charges at a reasonable price so that even students can use services from our website. Additionally, Along with free collecting from your doorstep, we also provide many other free services to balance their smooth operations. Hence, Door to Door Parcel Charges for Canada is reasonable. Therefore, each individual can afford Courier charges.

Weight ( Kg)Economy Charges To CanadaExpress Charges To Canada
0.5 KgRs. 1750.00Rs. 2199.00
0.1 KgRs. 2150.00Rs. 2450.00
1.5 KgRs. 2400.00Rs. 2800.00
0.2 KgRs. 2700.00Rs. 3100.00
2.5 KgRs. 3150.00Rs. 3300.00
0.3 KgRs. 3450.00Rs. 3700.00
3.5 KgRs. 3890.00Rs. 4150.00
0.4 KgRs. 4000.00Rs. 4450.00
4.5 KgRs. 4350.00Rs. 4800.00
0.5 KgRs. 4500.00Rs. 5150.00
5.5 KgRs. 4800.00Rs. 5500.00
0.6 KgRs. 5000.00Rs. 5780.00
6.5 KgRs. 5200.00Rs. 6000.00
0.7 KgRs. 5500.00Rs. 6300.00
7.5 KgRs. 5900.00Rs. 6500.00
0.8 KgRs. 6250.00Rs. 7000.00
8.5 KgRs. 6600.00Rs. 7300.00
0.9 KgRs. 7000.00Rs. 7500.00
10 KgRs. 7300.00Rs. 8000.00
Above 10 KgRs. 750.00 Per KgRs. 800.00 Per Kg
Above 20 KgRs. 680.00 Per KgRs. 780.00 Per Kg
Above 30 KgRs. 600.00 Per KgRs. 750.00 Per Kg
Above 50 KgRs. 580.00 Per KgRs. 650.00 Per Kg
Above 100 KgRs. 499.00 Per KgRs. 650.00 Per Kg
Approx Delivery9-14 Working Days4-7 Working Days
Free PackagingYesYes
Online TrackingYesyes
Door To DoorYesYes
Free Insurance For LostYesYes

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Courier Charges From Delhi to Canada

How to Calculate Weight for courier charges from Delhi to Canada per kg?

Moreover, while delivering an international parcel from Delhi to Canada, the higher the value of actual weight or the dimensional weight is considered final courier charges from Delhi to Canada per kg. Subsequently, we need to measure the parcel on a scale, and you will obtain the actual weight while evaluating the dimensional weight.

Locations & Delivery Time

Currently, We provide international affordable Cheap Courier to USA. Moreover, you need not worry about the collection locations. Courier booking has an association with courier partners internationally, having hubs in entire India. However, we have collection services all over India. We deliver couriers from all parts of India with complete satisfaction. Therefore, Courier Charges from Delhi to Canada are subject to weights and measures.

Secure & Protected International Courier Services to Canada from India

  • Collection from anywhere in India
  • Rapid Delivery
  • Door-to-Door Shipment in Canada
  • Dynamic Customer Support
  • Online Payment Mechanism
  • Live Tracking option available
  • Edible Food Shipment
  • Ayurvedic Medicine Shipment
  • Apparels, Footwear, Documents & Books Shipment
  • Gifts Shipment

Packaging Advice for sending courier, cargo, parcel

Accordingly, the courier company will compare the volumetric weight to the actual physical weight of a parcel and charge whichever is higher.

Courier Charges From Delhi to CanadaCourier Charges From Delhi to Canada


How do I courier gifts to Canada after buying them online from India?

Indeed, the easiest way to deliver a birthday gift, personalized gift, or chocolates at low Courier charges to Canada from Vancouver is to book a parcel through Courier Booking. Moreover, we also provide options to gift wrap your gift or insert a note to it as it reaches our facility. Consequently, all you have to do is, deliver it to the virtual address we offer, which is to our warehouse. Thus, Courier Charges from Delhi to Canada are so affordable that you won’t give it a second thought before sending your gift through us.

What is the best courier service & how much would it cost to deliver documents, contracts to Canada from India?

Even Courier Booking specializes in document couriers & it would be your top option to deliver documents from India to Canada, where Cheap Courier to Canada are minimal. Also, it requires extra care and offers rapid delivery. Additionally, we also have a Student Special Offer running with the lowest shipping rates.

What is the top method to deliver extra luggage from India to Canada?

Firstly, courier Booking charges the lowest possible international shipping charges & it would the best way for you to determine while delivering your extra luggage to any country in the world, including Canada. Secondly, we offer the lowest Courier charges to Canada from India with a guaranteed speed of 3-6 business days for your parcels to arrive at the destination. Thirdly, we handle each shipment with individual care & efficiency that you can find nowhere else.

Can we deliver medicines to Canada through Courier Booking?

Yes, you can deliver medicines to Canada through Courier Booking. Moreover, our company provides services of delivering homoeopathic medicines, Ayurvedic, or other medicines. Also, since they come under the Special Items class & require special treatment, the Courier charges for Spain would also be more affordable.

Moreover, if you look at Courier booking, Courier charges from Delhi to Canada are minimum. Then, you will come to know how affordable and convenient Courier Booking is. Therefore, courier Services are reasonable when it comes to Canada. International delivery to Canada for parcels or forwards from online stores; is made tremendously comfortable by our fine set of services.








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