Are you looking out for affordable courier company delivering couriers at economical Courier Charges from Delhi to USA? Want to send an international courier to the USA from Delhi? Earlier it wasn’t easy, but courier Booking made it convenient. However, you can send any official documents/letter or parcel to the USA.  We have unique approach of shipping couriers in express form. At low Courier Charges From Delhi to USA - Courier Booking, you will receive your courier well in time and without any harm during shipment.

What is the basis of computing Economical Courier Charges in the USA?

Courier Booking is the most reliable website offering the Cheap Courier to USA. We are recognized in the market due to the quality of our service. It includes:

  • Firstly, Timely Collection
  • Secondly, On-time Delivery
  • Thirdly, Secure Delivery of your courier
  • Then, delivery through trustworthy courier services
  • Additionally, Reasonable Price
  • Guarantees to Zero damage during shipment

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What services are provided by international courier services from Delhi to the USA?

  • You can save your money on the cost of the carrier’s standard prices for transporting couriers to the USA from Delhi.
  • Courier Booking offers door-to-door courier service for both collection and delivery of your courier.
  • Therefore, we provide express delivery of courier at low Courier Charges to USA.
  • However, if you have a courier collection to be done from home or business address in Delhi, then we deliver it to your destination address in the USA.
  • We offer the cheapest parcel & Courier Charges Delhi to USA and in the least time.
Can you track your shipment?
  • At last, you can also follow your shipment status with the tracking number given to you.
  • Delivery of courier is subject to its custom clearance.
  • Moreover, our ascertained time to send an Courier Charges from Delhi to USA for Express Courier Services is 4-6 Working Days & Economy Courier Services 8-16 Working Days.
  • Therefore, Courier charges from Delhi to the USA per kg start from Rs. 190 per kg and goes till Rs. 1200 per kg depending upon the weight, country, and product that you are delivering.
  • So, please choose the country and the weight in the form to know the updated rates.

What are the courier charges for sending parcels from Delhi to the USA?

Courier charges from Delhi to the USA depends upon the quantity of the product. Thus, it means the actual weight of the courier will define the price for that particular courier.

  1. Firstly, we provide jewelry Cheap Courier to Canadabut they should not be created by pricey metals such as Gold, Silver, etc., or costly stones.
  2. Secondly, to courier medicine-related parcels from Delhi to the USA. It would need the original prescription by the doctor and the invoice for custom Clearance.
  3. Thirdly, the best option for reasonable Cheap Courier to USA would be helping our Students.


Weight ( Kg)Economy Charges To USAExpress Charges To USA
0.5 KgRs. 1750.00Rs. 2199.00
0.1 KgRs. 2150.00Rs. 2450.00
1.5 KgRs. 2400.00Rs. 2800.00
0.2 KgRs. 2700.00Rs. 3100.00
2.5 KgRs. 3150.00Rs. 3300.00
0.3 KgRs. 3450.00Rs. 3700.00
3.5 KgRs. 3890.00Rs. 4150.00
0.4 KgRs. 4000.00Rs. 4450.00
4.5 KgRs. 4350.00Rs. 4800.00
0.5 KgRs. 4500.00Rs. 5150.00
5.5 KgRs. 4800.00Rs. 5500.00
0.6 KgRs. 5000.00Rs. 5780.00
6.5 KgRs. 5200.00Rs. 6000.00
0.7 KgRs. 5500.00Rs. 6300.00
7.5 KgRs. 5900.00Rs. 6500.00
0.8 KgRs. 6250.00Rs. 7000.00
8.5 KgRs. 6600.00Rs. 7300.00
0.9 KgRs. 7000.00Rs. 7500.00
10 KgRs. 7300.00Rs. 8000.00
Above 10 KgRs. 750.00 Per KgRs. 800.00 Per Kg
Above 20 KgRs. 680.00 Per KgRs. 780.00 Per Kg
Above 30 KgRs. 600.00 Per KgRs. 750.00 Per Kg
Above 50 KgRs. 580.00 Per KgRs. 650.00 Per Kg
Above 100 KgRs. 499.00 Per KgRs. 650.00 Per Kg
Approx Delivery9-14 Working Days4-7 Working Days
Free PackagingYesYes
Online TrackingYesyes
Door To DoorYesYes
Free Insurance For LostYesYes

Is it safe to deliver courier through Air freight?

  • By using a combination of air freight services, it brings flexibility to your supply chain.
  • Meanwhile, Courier Booking helps companies in getting the right cost-time balance, increasing the affordability and the speed of air shipments.
  • However, we have an association with the world’s most trustworthy air carriers.
  • Thus, Door to Door Parcel Charges for USA may vary based on the size of the courier.
  • Also, our freight professionals recognize Courier Charges Delhi to USA for forwarding and logistics services that are best to assist you in achieving your objectives.
Packaging Advice for sending courier, cargo, parcel

In the end, the courier company will compare the volumetric weight to the actual physical weight of a parcel and charge whichever is higher.

Courier Services USA


Important Note regarding Courier charges to the USA:
  • Firstly, GST As chargeable on total billing 18%
  • Secondly, Delivery time is 3-4 working days from the consignment delivery
  • Thirdly, A Higher price does not involve Duty & Tax Charges at the destination country
  • Chargeable weight is the Actual Weight, the Volumetric Weight, or whichever is higher.
  • Additionally, same-day courier collection
  • Thus, we offer a free collection service from all over Delhi.



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